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Fall Garden Plants : Fall Planting Favorites
FallGardenPlants.com offers the home gardener flower bulbs at wholesale prices, that are guaranteed to grow!

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“BloomingBulb.com has been offering flower bulbs and other garden plants to consumers in the United States since 1998.

Gardening is a seasonal activity so we experience an increase in sales during the two planting seasons: Spring and Fall. Our spring season begins in February and runs through May, the fall season begins around mid-August and runs through November.

We run “early order sales” during the spring season for the fall-planting items and vice versa, so items can be ordered throughout the year even though they can’t be shipped or planted until the proper time.

We also carry some year-round items such as garden accessories, seed mats, hanging gardens, and our new line of plantable wrapping paper!” — BloomingBulb